3 Initiatives for a green future

Initiatives for a green future

The careful use of production resources and energy is an undisputed necessity for us at POLYTEC. We concentrate on three strategic focal points, each of which comprises a wide variety of individual measures:

Resource conservation

POLYTEC promotes the recycling of production-internal raw material waste. At our site in Roosendaal (NL), for example, we have installed a recycling plant. With its help, rejects from glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastics are reprocessed directly at the plant. Previously, the scrap material had to be taken to an external processor. Recycling at the plant therefore also saves transport distances and thus CO2.

Enhanced energy efficiency

POLYTEC continuously invests in efficient and environmentally friendly plant technologies. The sum of many individual measures such as insulation of lines, machines and buildings, LED lighting, energy management systems have steadily reduced the relative energy consumption of the POLYTEC GROUP in recent years. The new central cooling plant in Sládkovičovo operates highly efficiently with a combination of cooling towers and water-cooled chillers. It thus saves a large amount of energy.

Reduced environmental emissions

One measure POLYTEC is taking to reduce its emissions is to increase the proportion of energy from renewable sources in the energy mix. The POLYTEC GROUP's plant buildings have a total roof area equivalent to 43 football pitches. Parts of this will be successively used for the installation of photovoltaic systems to generate green electricity.