Leadership Principles

What does leadership mean?
​​​​​​​And what in our case is especially important with regard to this topic?

The POLYTEC GROUP’s Board of Directors has given these questions intensive thought and summarised them in our POLYTEC Leadership Principles. These guide us during our daily managerial activities and enable us to actively co-determine the successful course of the POLYTEC GROUP.      

I set and communicate ambitious but attainable targets for both my employees and myself.
Goals represent agreements for the future and provide you and your team with the necessary orientation. Agree on objectives and never lose sight of them!

I provide my employees with daily feedback.
The provision of feedback is not time consuming and is vital in order that the jointly agreed targets are achieved. Management without feedback does not function!

I also accept feedback and am self-critical.
Take the comments of your employees seriously. The expectation that they accept a degree of criticism must also apply equally to you. Learn from the feedback from your team!

I accept mistakes when these lead to learning.
Only those that take decisions can make mistakes. Accept errors on the part of your employees, but work with them on the resultant findings!


I lead every employee within an individual and situational context.
Value the singularity and diversity of the personalities in your team. Every employee and situation demands a differentiated approach from you as a leader!

I listen to my employees and create confidence.
The offer of trust is like a gift that you bestow upon your employees. However, in return you will also be rewarded by commitment, loyalty and performance!

I take time for my leading assignments.
As a leader, you must be aware that employee leadership cannot be undertaken in passing and is far more than just delegation. Consciously invest time in team management!

I give my employees orientation, advice and support.
You must give your employees direction. Therefore, be visible as a leader and constantly prepared to hear what your team members have to say!​​​​​​​


I make decisions.
Even the decisions that you do not take have an effect on corporate success. Be permanently aware of this fact!

I use my own initiative and expect the same from my employees.
Take autonomous decisions and require the same type of initiative from your employees. Provide them with the necessary space for this purpose and define the objective, but not the way!

I create room for innovation.
Allow your employees to actively participate and shift limits. Question the status quo, and at the same time, demand solutions. Changes enable both you and POLYTEC to progress!

I behave in exactly the manner that I expect from my employees.
Your employees immediately perceive any contradictions between the conduct that you require and that which you demonstrate. Set an example in every situation!


I support my employees in their development, as this is the only way that I can also be successful. 
Be proud of participating in the development of future high achievers. You will become a multiplicator and thus considerably raise your success quota!

I entrust my employees with demanding assignments.
Allow your employees to literally “grow with their tasks” and provide them with the necessary trust. This is not always easy, but as a leader it is something that you must be capable of achieving!

I systematically demand the fulfilment of the agreed targets and discipline. 
At the same time, it is your right and obligation to deal with deviations from objectives. Demand the necessary discipline, as this is the sole means by which you and your team can live up to expectations!

I do not accept reverse delegation.
Your employees must find solutions independently and then implement them. Communicate their tasks clearly and place the related responsibility on their shoulders!