Plastics are obtained from fossil raw materials and their processing is inherently associated with a considerable use of resources and energy.


Forward-looking, environmentally conscious and prudent action along the entire value chain accompanies us as POLYTEC every day and at every single company location. For us, sustainability goes beyond ecological aspects and includes economic and social criteria.


When produced and used responsibly, plastic offers clear advantages over other materials. It is versatile, lightweight, durable and recyclable.

Sustainable action throughout the company is an important concern for us in order to make the world a qualitative and liveable place for future generations. Assuming an intact supply chain, sufficient availability of renewable energy sources and stable geopolitical conditions, we are therefore striving to achieve CO2-neutral production by 2035.

At POLYTEC, employees have the opportunity to actively contribute in a meaningful atmosphere and thus become part of sustainable development. We recognise the needs of our customers at an early stage and develop sustainable solutions for their requirements. In this way, we strengthen our business relationships.

By using resource-saving processes and efficient technologies, we create future-oriented production processes. At the same time, we actively conserve resources due to the durability of many of our products. The lightweight construction of many production parts contributes significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the end product. Furthermore, our goal is to further increase the share of recyclable raw materials in our products and ecological production materials.

We motivate our suppliers to follow our example and actively contribute to a sustainable product development process. By agreeing to our Supplier Code of Conduct, our suppliers support the protection of essential human and environmental rights, as well as ensuring fair competition. We at POLYTEC are committed to consistent compliance with legal regulations and thus create security and transparency. 

Furthermore, we want to attract new investors and strengthen our position on the financial market with measurable successes. With the measures we have defined, we want to ensure a sustainable future for all stakeholders - internal and external - and for POLYTEC.

We are passionate co-creators and actively assume our social and ecological responsibility. With these ambitions, we reaffirm our declared goal of living and driving sustainability authentically and comprehensively throughout the entire Group.