It is so green!



​​​​​​​​​​​​The use of many millions of disposable plant trays in Europe is an extensive burden on the environment. Renowned DIY store chains and plant wholesalers - all market leaders in the plant sector in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands - formed the Euro Plant Tray eG initiative. They all aim to switch to a reusable system in the transport and storage of plants.

Two out of twenty producers managed to convince with their concepts and were invited to take part in a test market - among them POLYTEC. The board expertise of POLYTEC was not the least decisive factor in this. The material used is food-safe and, in addition, the entire production was geared towards a cradle-to-cradle system.



About 95 percent of plant trays are on the market today as disposable variants. By switching to reusable trays, at least 40,000 tonnes of plastic waste will be avoided throughout Europe. The reusable solution of POLYTEC is now being put through its paces in a test market. Until the planned market launch in early 2024, the sustainable solution can still be optimised with the experiences from the test phase. By 2025, 6 million trays should already be in circulation.



Due to the stable and robust construction of the standardised reusable system, more than 100 rotations and a service life of at least 10 years can be achieved. In addition, POLYTEC's concept provides for damaged trays to be ground up in a recycling process and used as raw material for new trays. This continuous recycling management ensures a particularly careful and responsible use of valuable resources. The material used is intended for the cradle-to-cradle system.

The sustainable plant containers, which can accommodate different pot sizes in one tray, are made of food-safe polypropylene material and are provided with QR and barcode labels. Both processes are fully automated to ensure high output. Replacing the labels with laser marking is also currently being tested as an alternative. POLYTEC's stackable and user-oriented design facilitates transport and storage and includes water drainage holes and pleasantly designed handles and edges for safe handling.


By switching from disposable trays to a reusable variant, at least 40,000 tonnes of plastic waste can be avoided across Europe. As specialists for innovative plastic solutions, we would like to contribute to a more sustainable world with our development and production know-how!

Gerhard Augeneder
Vice President Product Lines