The POLYTEC GROUP strategy

The long-term corporate success of the POLYTEC Group rests on three strategic cornerstones, the fundamental orientation of which has also remained unaltered during the latest organisational changes, even though in some respects they have been supplemented by new focal points and initiatives.

Consolidation of the European market ­position

Within its core European market, POLYTEC relies on close, long-term ­cooperation with its customers, which is founded upon uncompromising ­quality and punctual delivery. At the same time, the group strengthens its competitiveness through efficiency measures and personnel development. In addition to organic growth, it also continually examines potential acquisition opportunities.

Development of new technologies & ­applications

On the basis of highly efficient processes, POLYTEC supplies its customers with top quality, customised plastic solutions. In the course of this process, the company acts as both a manufacturer and a development partner that offers complete component systems through in-house developed material combinations and technologies. For ­product solutions POLYTEC employs the enormous technological diversity of the entire group. Moreover, in the future the proactive advance development of new products and the linkage of different technologies are to play an even ­greater role and thus contribute to an even broader market base.

A focus on customer benefits

POLYTEC has made customer needs its clear business focus. In a Product Line organisation, development, project management and sales activities are trimmed to precisely match ­customer requirements. Furthermore, on a ­selective basis, POLYTEC also ­accompanies the international expansion of its customers in strategically interesting growth regions. In order to provide holistic product solutions, the POLYTEC SOLUTION FORCE combines know-how and technologies from across the group.


Passion creates innovation

Our Vision

We are European industry’s first point of address and preferred supplier with regard to trendsetting plastics solutions. Our special focus is on the automotive sector.

Our Mission

The enthusiastic POLYTEC team creates sustained value for both our group and its customers.  We develop carefully conceived solutions with a high degree of system knowledge which extends along the entire chain of value added activities from the initial idea to just-in-sequence delivery and thus regularly surpass customer expectations.

We fulfil individual requirements in optimum fashion through the use of numerous plastics technologies in line with specific applications. We also achieve competitive prices and the lasting appreciation of our customers by means of an efficient cost structure, coordinated procedures and best-in-class production and service processes. 

As a family-managed group, we combine uncompromising financial transparency with a strong sense of responsibility towards our entire business environment.   

Our Values

Our desire to achieve ideal solutions inculcates every working phase.



  • Our solutions competence derives from people. Therefore we ensure that we always have the right persons in the right places and further and challenge them accordingly.
  • We are open-minded and cultivate the exchange of ideas. In this way we use the synergies within the POLYTEC GROUP to the full and thus create top technologies with an optimum price-performance ratio.
  • We accept responsibility and only act in accordance with ethical principles. This is because we also feel bound by conscience to the agreements made with our customers and partners.



We represent a competent development partner for our customers. We act with esprit, reliability and purpose. 

In our company, business management, quality, energy and environmental objectives are allocated balanced priority on the basis of these principles. This mission statement therefore constitutes a permanent feature of all our current and planned future activities, decisions and strategies. In particular, we undertake to fulfil the following obligations:

  • to comply strictly with legal statutes and customer requirements, and to maintain an open dialogue with customers, suppliers, authorities and the general public
  • to conserve resources and avoid or prevent environmental impact through the use of the best available, most energy efficient and economically viable technologies, products and services​​​​​​​
  • to seek ongoing improvements in the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System and quality-, environment- and energy-related performance, including energetic and material efficiency

The executive board of the POLYTEC HOLDING AG declares this mission statement and the related principles to be binding for all company processes, organisational units and employees. Every member of the workforce shall contribute to its fulfilment.