​​​​​​​Using a patented production process, POLYTEC manufactures cost-efficient underbody ­solutions that combine optimum aerodynamics and protection against moisture, noise and heat in a single component. One special achievement is the integration of lightweight LWRT sections in stable D-LFT supports, which are compacted together in a one-shot process. Apart from technical advan­tages, LWRT also provides considerable cost advantages, which are achieved by means of POLYTEC’s intelligent tooling concepts.



POLYTEC has also declared functional integration as being standard for underbodies. Apart from the protection function and aerodynamic optimisation, noise is absorbed and heat shields are integrated. Furthermore, in order to offer cost-efficient products, these additional functions are also pressed in during the one-shot process.

One special capability is the integration of light LWRT sections into stable D-LFT supports, which are pressed in a one-shot process. As a result, our customers can exploit the technical advantages of LWRT, while intelligent tool concepts reduce expensive waste. Naturally enough, heat shields or organo sheets can also be processed at the same time.


  • No material waste = low-cost solution

  • Combination of the advantages of LWRT and D-LFT

  • The cost benefits of one-shot production in a single tool

Using the one-shot process, the POLYTEC In-moulded Sound Absorber (PISA), which is made from acoustic absorber foam, is pressed  simultaneously into an underbody. With its outstanding acoustic absorption capacity this ensures quiet in both the interior and exterior sections of the vehicle. In addition, the sealed sound absorber resists  water, fuel, oil and brake fluid, and also protects the engine compartment against moisture. 



  • High acoustic absorption levels in combination with reduced wall thicknesses 

  • Impregnation against water, fuel, oil and brake fluid, etc.

  • Cost advantages due to one-shot production in a single tool



The solution developed by POLYTEC for trunk wells, combines multi-functionality with splinter protection and improved acoustics. POLYTEC trunk wells can be employed simultaneously for a household pet basket, a shadow board, cooler compartment or storage. Moreover, owing to individual surface upgrading (e.g. through graining or in-mould coating) the desired optics and haptics can be achieved without additional design or functional components.



  • Lower material and assembly costs owing to fewer components 

  • The use of a PUR layer provides surfaces that are attractive in both an optical and haptic regard and offer directly integrated functions without additional design and functional parts   

  • The replacement of the fabric splinter protection by a PUR layer simplifies the manufacturing process  

  • The possibility of using the trunk well system for a variety of applications cuts both the component price and tool costs 

  • A simplified production process ​​​​​​​

  • Choice of the manufacturing process in line with item numbers and requirements 

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