Power on! New development: housing concept for prismatic or cylindrical battery cells

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​​​​​​​Regardless of which battery cell format an e-vehicle manufacturer chooses, POLYTEC SOLUTION FORCE has now developed a high-voltage battery housing for cylindrical as well as prismatic cells, which ensures stable protection and increased passenger safety in both cases.

Lightweight, highly stable, fireproof, freely mouldable and recyclable - POLYTEC combines the promising properties of plastics and uses different technologies to form a new type of high-voltage battery housing for prismatic and cylindrical battery cells. The special focus is on upper and lower casings as well as cell carriers. Current solutions on the market are primarily made of steel and aluminum; in the future, they can be manufactured in lightweight construction.


The innovative design of POLYTEC's high-voltage battery housing dispenses with the conventional modular construction method and still ensures safe enclosure of the cells with increased structural strength. This sophisticated concept, also known as the Cell-2-Pack principle, combines efficiency and safety in a compact design and includes three central components. Each of these components fulfils specific tasks, such as shielding electromagnetic radiation, encapsulation, cooling, ventilation as well as impact and fire protection. In the event of cell failure, for example due to mechanical stress in an accident, a well thought-out venting concept ensures targeted ventilation and particle separation. Furthermore, in the event of a possible failure of individual cells, a chain reaction is prevented by the sophisticated design and choice of materials.​​​​​​​


To be able to select suitable materials and constructions regarding fire resistance and venting, extensive tests are carried out depending on the cell format and cell volume. The various materials are subjected to a multi-stage test process, ranging from the Bunsen burner test, pyro and venting tests to the final, consistent battery cell test.

At POLYTEC, we draw on our many years of expertise in the production of complex, large-area components in the automotive sector when selecting materials and processes. Thus, we use both thermoset and thermoplastic fibre composites to meet the high demands of this new product category. Among other things, these materials offer an optimal balance between structural mechanical properties, weight and fire resistance. In addition, we strengthen our components by using so-called UD tapes, unidirectional, continuous fibre-reinforced composite layers made of plastic as well as glass or carbon fibre.


with consistent environmental and climate protection

Bereits bei der Entwicklung von neuen Produkten denken wir bei POLYTEC den Umwelt- und Klimaschutz konsequent weiter und wollen einen aktiven Beitrag zur Langlebigkeit und Ökologie unserer Produkte leisten. So wurde bei der Konzeption der beiden Batteriegehäuse-Varianten bewusst darauf geachtet, dass die einzelnen Komponenten des Gehäuses nach Ende ihrer Lebensdauer leicht getrennt und wiederverwertet werden können.