Positively charged! Strong cooperation for automated charging

Hermann Stockinger, CEO Easelink GmbH (right) with Peter Bernscher, CCO POLYTEC Holding AG (left)

The Austrian high-tech company Easelink​​​​​​​ is developing a system that allows electric cars to be charged without manually connecting a charging cable. Rather, the charging station is integrated into the parking space. When the car is parked above a charging plate fixed to the ground, a so-called connector lowers from the car's underbody. The connector links fully automatically with the so-called Matrix Charging Pad and an intelligent charging management system controls the charging process. For Easelink, this conductive system represents the charging infrastructure of the future.

As a solution partner, POLYTEC is developing the plastic components of the charging pads for the eTaxi Austria pilot project, which is to be rolled out in Vienna and Graz this year. 10 taxi ranks and over 60 Volkswagen and Hyundai e-vehicles will be equipped with Matrix Charging. The pads are made of high-strength plastic. They not only have to meet extensive safety criteria, but also withstand corrosion caused by road salt and grit, high-voltage conditions and - last but not least - heavy vehicles.

© Easelink

Together with Easelink, we at POLYTEC are working on the charging infrastructure of the future.​​​​​​​


VISIT US: During the Battery Show in Stuttgart from 23 - 25 May 2023 ​​​​​​​in Hall 6, Stand D15, we will demonstrate how we use the promising properties of plastics in Easelink's Matrix Charging Pad and other innovative solutions for our electric future.​​​​​​​