Creating personal connections

​​​​​​​We do not see the glass as half-empty, but rather as half-full. Therefore, we further improve what initially appears to be unsuitable and what we lack, we design ourselves. Consequently, with us co-creators are in just the right place, as proactivity, the assumption of individual responsibility, a solution orientation and creative thinking are much in demand. We provide the freedom that allows ideas and personalities to develop and flourish, and thereby makes us both attractive to our customers and competitive.



Through public relations work and active networking at various job and training fairs, we are constantly committed to winning new co-creators for us.

Also in 2022, numerous schools and universities brought interested companies together with young people to get in touch with each other in an informal atmosphere. We took advantage of the many opportunities throughout the group to attract young talent to us.

For example, at the Diepholzer Berufsmesse (DE), where not only ultra-light exhibits caused a stir, but also a small injection moulding machine on which the young visitors could produce their own cones for a POLYTEC board game on site. Also in the new year, some fair appearances are already planned, and we are looking forward creating personal connections with young people again.

Header Photo: POLYTEC at the career fair CHANCE, Hochschule Osnabrück (DE)
Photo 2: ​​​​​​​Diepholzer Career fair (DE)
Photo 3: JKU Career day (AT)