The POLYTEC GROUP now has around 3,600 employees on four continents. As a result of this internationality, diversity, respect, equal opportunities and the integration of employees from differing cultures represent integral elements within the corporate culture. Any form of personal discrimination whether due to origin, gender, skin colour, age, religion, sexual orientation or disability is strictly rejected.

During recruitment for vacant positions, the focus is placed on performance orientation, knowledge, skills as well as equal opportunities and treatment. New team members are selected primarily on the basis of the best possible qualifications and experience, which the candidates can then contribute to the POLYTEC GROUP.

When electing members of the Supervisory Board, the Annual General Meeting has to account for requirements relating to professional and personal qualifications, as well as the professionally balanced composition of the Supervisory Board. Furthermore, diversity aspects have to be taken into reasonable account with regard to the representation of both genders, age structure and internationality. Newly elected Supervisory Board members must inform themselves appropriately about the structure and activities of the company as well as the tasks and responsibilities of members.

The Supervisory Board of POLYTEC Holding AG has had a female member for more than fourteen years and during the 2020 financial year one out of the five Supervisory Board positions and following the departure of one Supervisory Board member, one out of four positions was occupied by a woman. Accordingly, the share of membership in 2020 initially amounted to 20% and then 25%. L-Rule 52 is thus fulfilled, as at present the POLYTEC Holding Supervisory Board does not consist of at least six persons.

In the 2020 financial year there were no women represented on the POLYTEC Holding AG Board of Directors. On 31 December 2020, the proportion of women of the POLYTEC Holding AG workforce accounted for 46.0% (2019: 43.8%). As at the balance sheet date 31 December 2020, women held 9.2% of the managerial positions (2019: 11.4%) with longterm personnel responsibility at the POLYTEC GROUP’s companies. On 31 December 2020, the quota of female employees in the POLYTEC GROUP (excluding leasing personnel) amounted to 23.4% (2019: 21.2%).