The POLYTEC GROUP employs approximately 3,500 people on four continents. Without their expertise and their personal commitment, the company’s long-standing success would not be possible.

In return, POLYTEC offers its employees an attractive and versatile working environment in an exciting and highly dynamic forward-looking industry, dealing with solutions that are indispensable to the development of sustainable technologies, whether in the area of mobility, renewable energies or other sectors.

In addition, the working atmosphere at POLYTEC is characterised by team spirit and cohesion. The concept of ONE POLYTEC certainly also applies the group’s corporate culture. POLYTEC aims to be a good place to work for all current and potential employees and takes a variety of measures to support people in their personal and professional development.


Many remarkable career paths from the apprentice workshop to top management clearly demonstrate that personal engagement always pays off at POLYTEC. All of this also sets the company up for success in the labour market.

Because POLYTEC offers jobs with added value in a highly dynamic forward-looking industry …
… with a wide range of career ­opportunities.
… in a collegial environment.
… with many opportunities to ­pursue personal and professional ­development.
… where professional and family life can be reconciled.
… and so much more.


In the past two years POLYTEC implemented an employer branding project to strengthen employee retention in the company and win potential applicants. In a bottom-up process, the Human Resources and Communications departments derived six so-called MORE messages from the results of an employee survey. These USPs describe, in a catchy way, the key advantages that POLYTEC holds in store for its employees. 



Efficient, targeted, digital

Innovative strength is one of POLYTEC’s key competitive advantages. It comes primarily from the people who give their best every day to make the company successful. Aware of the importance and the value of its employees, POLYTEC further expanded its existing personnel development offer in 2022 with the clear objective to take training and education in the group to the next level.


The labour market has seen a massive increase in competition in recent years. Companies are desperately looking for skilled workers. POLYTEC already responded to this trend in 2021 by implementing a comprehensive personnel development programme. The goal: to massively reduce employee turnover and skilled labour shortages in the group by 2030 while at the same time increasing employee skills, employee retention and productivity. ​​​​​​​


Learning & Development under a new umbrella

The POLYTEC GROUP’s personnel development offer comprised employer branding as well as employee communication measures. Its central element, however, consisted, and still consists, of wide-ranging training and education offers, which have been steadily expanded as part of the strategic education initiative Learning@POLYTEC – also in 2022. In April of last year a new department was created: Corporate Learning & Development, where four experienced employees address the development of needs-based training offers in the strategic areas of training and education, talent management and digital learning solutions.

The broad-based POLYTEC Academy continues to bundle and organise the group’s entire training offer. Tried and tested for many years, this offer has been extended in modules as part of Learning@POLYTEC and now addresses employees of all management levels and several central functions with its leadership training courses and functional programmes.


Introducing a new learning culture

Along with the goal of enhancing the skills and qualification of employees, Learning@POLYTEC aims to establish a new learning culture within the group. This is to benefit every employee, also on a personal level – because in addition to knowledge transfer, strengthening personality, management quality and leadership feature high on ­POLYTEC’s agenda. Based on individual development as well as concrete learning and career paths, the group not least aims to retain its experts and the knowledge they hold in the company. This is indispensable to the POLYTEC GROUP’s long-term success, especially in a challenging economic environment.

Training defined by ONE POLYTEC

Another strategic goal of POLYTEC is to develop an interdisciplinary concept for all training programmes across locations. This approach clearly caters to ONE POLYTEC, an initiative pushed for years to standardise processes and procedures within the POLYTEC GROUP in order to make the group even more powerful. This in turn strengthens the POLYTEC SOLUTION FORCE, which essentially also revolves around pooling expertise and making it centrally available.

New digital organisation with many benefits

A large part of POLYTEC’s training offer is organised digitally today, namely in the POLYTEC Online Campus. This newly established platform pools all digital learning contents to ensure that they can be retrieved quickly and, above all, independent of time and location. In addition, the individual departments can autonomously add and update content at any time. This way, a highly efficient single point of learning is created for the entire POLYTEC GROUP.

Along with easy access to training content for all employees, the system also provides remarkable benefits for the organisation: mandatory learning content is directly assigned to employees via POLYTEC’s Learning Management System. Completed courses will automatically be recorded in the system. For the human resources department of the POLYTEC GROUP, this digital solution significantly facilitates organisation, as individual – often mandatory – training courses no longer have to be manually entered and documented.

The POLYTEC Online Campus was built on the foundation of the POLYTEC digi­talisation initiative, once again demonstrating the benefits the group has derived from this organisational and digital transformation over the past years. When it comes to personnel development, a new learning culture, easy access to know-how, efficient organisation and individual support remain the main ingredients for the long-term success of the POLYTEC GROUP.


Learning in person

Despite all digital changes of the past years, traditional forms of training are also still offered at POLYTEC. Once again, the POLYTEC Academy organised numerous in-class training courses, team building events and workshops in 2022. These also included leadership training, promotion programmes for high potentials, team events and apprentice workshops. The training offer of the POLYTEC Academy consequently reached employees of all organisational levels of the group: from new hires to managers.

Customised content

The POLYTEC Academy does not use “off-the-shelf” standard content in its training offer, but develops a customised concept for each department. This makes its courses highly efficient, but most importantly, it increases people’s willingness to participate. Employees quickly realise that the content of the courses helps make their daily work easier. Accordingly, there is strong demand for competent support in the personal and professional development of employees.

Further expansion planned

The POLYTEC GROUP has long offered needs-based professional training and education at its locations. In the coming year, this training offer will be further expanded under the leadership of ­Corporate Learning & Development and adapted to current requirements. This way, POLYTEC wants to secure know-how and passion also for the future.