Employees are the most important asset of a company. While this is not a new insight, it gained additional importance for the POLYTEC GROUP in the past year. Because in addition to a challenging market environment, competition for the brightest minds is getting tougher. With a wide range of personal development offers and an attractive working environment, POLYTEC secures a solid position in a highly competitive job market.​​​​​​​


The POLYTEC GROUP employs ­roughly 3,400 people worldwide. The strong cohesion within the group’s workforce was especially demonstrated in the last two years, which were marked by the corona pandemic. POLYTEC now reaps the rewards of the seeds it sowed many years ago: appreciation of individual commitment, diverse opportunities for personal and professional development and an exciting working environment in a high-tech setting. 

However, to retain existing employees and attract new qualified personnel, it is not enough to invoke the past. That is why in 2021 the POLYTEC GROUP defined a roadmap for its personnel development with very specific targets up until 2030. The aim is to reduce employee turnover and skills shortages, while increasing employee skills, employee retention and productivity. Expanding the training offered within the group is a key element in this effort. The POLYTEC Academy is responsible for addressing these issues through its diverse range of training programmes.  

Another parameter for implementing this roadmap is a distinct, likable and self-confident image in the labour ­market. With its new employer branding concept, the POLYTEC GROUP gives centre stage to its employees. As testimonials, they increase the visibility of POLYTEC’s strengths for interested candidates. And finally, the group is freshening up its internal communication with a new design of POLYTEC Insights, its popular and informative employee magazine.

More than right at POLYTEC

Employer branding

In the past two years POLYTEC implemented an employer branding project to strengthen employee retention in the company and win potential applicants. In a bottom-up process, the Human Resources and Communications departments derived six so-called MORE messages from the results of an employee survey. These USPs describe, in a catchy way, the key advantages that POLYTEC holds in store for its employees. 


The project also relies on testimonials: portraits of employees on the group’s website and social media channels give POLYTEC’s image in the labour market a personal and individual touch – every single one plays a part in the success of the POLYTEC GROUP. At the same time, the company offers its employees interesting jobs with a variety of options for personal development.​​​​​​​