Looking for training?

Looking for training?

Then find your dream career with a future at POLYTEC!

Have you virtually completed your schooling and are now looking for suitable training? Moreover, do you wish to do something practical with a future? If so, with us you are more than in just the right place.


Training with added value

We can offer you training that is full of variety and everything that you need for a positive start to your working life. We further and challenge you with regard to both your professional and personal development. You participate in skilled further training, teambuilding events, joint workshops and excursions, and during your apprenticeship will be accompanied by an experienced trainer. You will play an active working role from day one onwards and are immediately a valuable part of our dynamic team.


Get off to flying start in the POLYTEC family

At seven of our group locations, we offer a total of twelve different training courses, which irrespective of whether they involve a commercial or technical field are multifaceted, exciting and innovative. Moreover, no matter what you chose, you will be paid fairly and once you have completed your training will continue to be an estimated member of the POLYTEC family.    

Interested? Then apply now for training at POLYTEC in 2020!