In the podcast: Plastic as an intelligent solution

Podcast is available in German

Podcast is available in German

Appearing on the MEHRWEG HEROES Podcast

Produced and used responsibly, plastic offers clear advantages over other materials. It is versatile, lightweight, durable and recyclable. In a new podcast episode of @MehrwegHeroes​​​​​​​, our colleague Gerhard Augeneder, Director Product Lines, provides insights into the POLYTEC GROUP's business strategy and its day-to-day business with a focus on the energy revolution and the circular economy.

In a relaxed atmosphere, thoughts were exchanged not only about the shared passion for reusable packaging and the circular economy. Gerhard Augeneder also explained how POLYTEC SOLUTION FORCE, with its experience and expertise from the automotive industry, is making a contribution to a sustainable future thanks to innovative plastic solutions.

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The entire episode of MEHRWEG HEROES is now available on all podcast platforms. The podcast's language is German.


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Many thanks to the MEHRWEG HEROES for the invitation and the interesting discussion!