POLYTEC’s technological expertise regarding the powertrain of cars has proven to be one of the company’s major strengths in the automotive sector over the past decades. Time and again, the group attracted attention with new solutions for the integration of different functionalities into a plastic component. They include, among others, tubes for oils and other liquids, brackets and fittings, separation modules and much more.


Functional integration for electric cars

Over the past years, however, the market experienced a shift from vehicles with combustion engines towards e-mobility. New solutions for new vehicle types were wanted. POLYTEC accepted the challenge and quickly transferred the expertise built over many years to the new form of propulsion. Today, the group develops and manufactures similarly complex, multi-functional complete solutions for vehicles with electric powertrains as a system supplier. POLYTEC also combines lightweight design with functional integration in its products in this area and thus contributes to increasing the range of electric cars. The highest quality and safety as well as decades of experience in the series production of components for the automotive industry are of course also part of the mix.


Engineering potential operating fluid management

POLYTEC sees special potential in the operating fluid management of electric vehicles. In mid-2022 the group therefore instigated an engineering stream which primarily analyses which parts it can contribute to the different operating fluid circuits of electrically powered cars. 

Here, POLYTEC builds on its long-standing experience in the production of multifunctional modules for the power­train of vehicles with a combustion engine. POLYTEC wants to fully exploit its know-how in the area of functional integration for the particularly complex cooling circuits in e-vehicles, namely for cooling the passenger cabin, the motor, the battery, and the gearbox and its lubrication.

Some of the ideas developed in the engineering stream have already been turned into concrete projects and could soon go into production. They include control valves and oil modules for two renowned German OEMs.