In the world of images

@POLYTECGROUP Instagram Go-Live

Company insights on Instagram

Pictures are more eloquent than words and therefore POLYTEC is now also active on the Instagram social media platform. Glimpses behind the scenes enable the introduction of employees and the external presentation of corporate culture, and it is these objectives that represent the goal of the Instagram presence.


Fresh approaches

The opportunity offered by the brand update was used to open up new channels of communication in order to address a wider public.  The content is targeted on persons with an interest in POLYTEC’s activities and both current and potential customers. Instagram offers a chance to show a side of POLYTEC as a company that goes beyond production statistics and business areas. In concrete terms, through photos and videos this social media profile furnishes insights into the standard working day, impressions of events and trade fairs, and the possibility to become acquainted with members of the workforce and thus meet the people behind POLYTEC’s success.


POLYTEC as a competent company and attractive employer

Because pictures speak louder than words and the intention on Instagram is to demonstrate what makes POLYTEC a competent and innovative company, and in particular, illustrate aspects that otherwise can rarely be seen.  

At the same time, social media provide a means of contacting people on a personal level and hence the improved communication of corporate philosophy and culture to the outside world. Furthermore, POLYTEC naturally wishes to present itself on Instagram as an attractive employer and thereby attract potential employees.