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Augmented reality (AR) is a key technology of digital transformation and enables the linking of objects in the real world with virtual information. AR opens up a wide range of possibilities in industrial applications. A new application has been in use at the POLYTEC plant in Ebensee since the end of September 2023. The "Workforce 4.0" application from Insider Navigation offers support functions for various tasks in maintenance, quality management and production by utilising augmented reality to localise assets, provide employees with navigation assistance on the plant premises and merge digital information with reality.


The process is as follows: The employee logs into the application and receives a clearly organised list of their tasks. After selecting a task on the tablet or smartphone, the employee is navigated precisely to the work location. After completing the task, the application forwards the employee to the next task, enabling efficient processing of the daily to-do list. This precise navigation takes place without the Internet, Bluetooth or GPS. The software only uses the camera and certain marker groups in the factory for orientation. As a result, unplanned downtimes are reduced, new employees can find their way around the factory premises quickly and effectively with the help of the software and familiarisation times are shortened. In addition, the entire process is documented by the software, resulting in sustainable and paperless documentation.

By the end of February 2024, the potential of augmented reality, the navigation function and its accuracy, as well as its integration into everyday working life, will be thoroughly tested with regard to efficiency, safety and productivity at the Ebensee plant. If the proof of concept is evaluated positively, further POLYTEC plants will soon benefit from this AR-based application.

I am delighted about the pioneering partnership with the POLYTEC GROUP. Through the utilisation of our innovative Workforce 4.0 solution, the POLYTEC GROUP has shown itself to be a pioneer in Europe in the Industry 4.0 area. The unique combination of Spatial Augmented Reality for tracking in large production facilities and facility management enables the POLYTEC GROUP to set new standards.

Clemens Kirner
CEO Insider Navigation

We set up Workforce 4.0 in Ebensee within a very short space of time and are the first in the German-speaking region to use this software. We are delighted to be able to achieve an increase in efficiency and simple workflows for maintenance tasks thanks to this innovative digitalisation project. We are already working on other possible applications such as line audits, testing lean methods and total productive management applications.

Christian Peneder
Plant Manager POLYTEC Ebensee