Powertrain Acoustics


POLYTEC numbers among the most ­important innovators in the field of PUR foam ­acoustic elements. Above all, apart from high ­levels of noise absorption, engine covers must also meet the demand for perfect ­surfaces. In this regard, with its patented one-shot process ­POLYTEC has established a new ­industrial benchmark. Moreover, as a ­result of the ­continual further development of the PUR foam process, numerous new ­customer ­requirements for e-vehicle acoustic ­components could be fulfilled.


POLYTEC numbers among the innovators of PUR foam acoustic elements. In particular, with its patented one-shot process, the group has established a new industrial standard in the case of engine covers, which not only have to possess high levels of noise absorption, but also a perfect surface. Moreover, numerous additional customer demands relating to acoustic components for (battery driven) e-vehicles have already been realised through the ongoing further development of the PUR foam process.



  • Improved acoustic performance at lower cost as compared to conventional engine covers

  • Optimised head-impact performance

  • Attractive design possibilities

  • Noise optimisation in e-vehicles


Our solutions absorb noise where it is generated: directly at the engine, but also at the transmission, in the cylinder head cover and at each auxiliary unit in the powertrain. In addition, the thermal insulation function of many engines and transmissions improves the energy balance through the thermal insulation function.




  • ​​​​​​​Optimised sound absorption

  • Thermal insulation

  • In foamed functional parts made of injection moulding, metal and heat shields

  • Low cost and low weight

  • Noise optimisation for electric vehicles


POLYTEC has set a new industry standard with its patented One-Shot process, especially for engine covers, where a flawless surface is required in addition to high sound absorption.



  • Improved acoustic performance at optimised costs

  • Optimised head-impact performance

  • Attractive design option