Stable in turbulent times

After the highly successful organisational transformation of the POLYTEC GROUP, we had hoped that 2021 would be the time to reap the rewards of the intensive work in the previous years. The effects of corona appeared to be under control and thanks to initiatives such as ONE POLYTEC or POLYTEC SOLUTION FORCE and a comprehensive digitalisation campaign we were in a good position to benefit from the increasing demand for vehicles. Unfortunately, supply shortages and price increases for materials, especially microchips, raw materials and energy, as well as extremely volatile call-offs on the part of our customers largely crushed those hopes. Despite these challenges, we once again succeeded in generating a clearly positive result. However, the quality of the result neither lives up to our aspirations nor meets the – justified – expectations of our shareholders.

Against this background, the cooperation model of the automotive industry and its suppliers will have to be reconsidered and placed on a new, more partnership-based footing in the long run. Because at present, we can only partially pass on the massive burden resulting from more expensive raw ­materials and energy as well as the costs for the constant provision of production and logistics capacity to our customers, while vehicle manufacturers are free to alter their call-offs and ­determine their pricing policy towards the end user – and they are doing so with great success. In the long run, however, only a model where both sides fairly share the risk and the profit can work – especially in times when sustainability is the topic everyone talks about. After all, sustainability does not end with environmental and climate protection, but also includes social, economic and ethical dimensions. It goes without saying that we are committed to our responsibility in this context. However in the interest of a long-term, sustainable collaboration in the literal sense of the word, we also have to hold our suppliers and customers accountable. 

In any case, we will actively contribute to the dialogue – and at the same time make every effort possible on our part to increase both our business volume and our results again. We have done our homework on it in the past years. 

​​​​​​​Markus Huemer, CEO



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