Mobility is undergoing a fundamental metamorphosis. POLYTEC is responding to this transformation process with flexible thinking and innovative solutions, and is positioning itself with an intensified focus in all market segments.​​​​​​​

Through the development and production of high-end solutions in plastic, the POLYTEC GROUP has established itself as a reliable partner to the automotive industry during the past three decades. The Group generates roughly 90 per cent of its sales revenues in this area. At present, the industry is undergoing a paradigmatic shift that has been triggered by the development of environmentally compatible, alternative drive solutions, which is likely to continue for some years to come. Nevertheless, POLYTEC is well equipped to deal with this situation because on the basis of its comprehensive know-how and close customer ties, the group has developed a variety of products, which have already placed it at the forefront of power train electrification. Some 37 per cent of automotive sales revenues emanate from the Powertrain Solutions segment, of which roughly one half relates to combustion engines and the other to hybrids and e-vehicles. However, POLYTEC intends to also accompany the evolution of e-mobility in areas apart from the Powertrain Solutions Product Line and in recent years has already established a strong market position with solutions in the Powertrain Acoustics field.


The combustion engine as a bridging technology

In the meantime, a number of years are certain to pass before complete traffic electrification is achieved. Various scenarios assume that the combustion engine is likely to be employed as a bridging technology until 2040, whereby major regional differences are anticipated. Whatever the case, from a current perspective hybrid drives are certain to play a central role until 2030 and in the opinion of experts, the trend towards e-mobility in the commercial vehicles segment will be even weaker. In this regard, the fuel cell is seen as a possible alternative for long-distance goods transports.

Enlargement of the e-vehicle portfolio

Nonetheless, the POLYTEC GROUP has also made preparations for increasing demand in the e-mobility area and is continually enlarging the share of products for e-vehicles in its output. For example, the Powertrain Acoustics Product Line, which has recently developed in a highly promising manner, includes components that improve both interior and exterior vehicle acoustics. This is a topic that is of equal interest with regard to e-vehicles, where it displays an even greater degree of complexity, owing to the fact that not only must noise be shielded, but also the thermal insulation of sensitive components plays a role.

Underbody solutions with new advantages for e-vehicles

The underbody solutions that POLYTEC delivers for numerous vehicle types display their advantages such as improved aerodynamics, lower weight, higher strength and noise as well as heat insulation characteristics in both standard and e-powered vehicles. Moreover, in e-vehicles, POLYTEC’s special underbody solutions can be employed as an underrun guard for the battery module. These components, which are made from intelligent combinations of plastic, also offer considerable weight advantages over metal solutions and are generally more economical to produce.


Non-automotive becomes Smart Plastic Applications

Numerous automotive technologies are also suitable for employment in other areas because as a starting material, plastic offers virtually limitless applications. This segment currently accounts for around 10 per cent of the POLYTEC GROUP’s total sales revenues. This figure is expected to increase significantly in the medium term. In this field, POLYTEC concentrates on two main areas: on energy management with products for storage systems and charging infrastructure, and on logistics solutions that revolve around intelligent transport systems for stationary and online retail. However, progress is also evident with regard to completely different areas in which POLYTEC can utilise its entire know-how and innovative expertise for the development of special products. One segment in this regard is Human Care, in which extremely promising product solutions are close to serial maturity. With its Smart Plastic Applications Product Line, POLYTEC has also expanded its range beyond the automotive industry and is directing its attention towards markets with future potential. Owing to its products and numerous innovative approaches to solutions, the POLYTEC GROUP is ideally equipped for the new trends of tomorrow. Technology has always formed the basis for its lasting business success and now the POLYTEC SOLUTION FORCE concentrates the entire know-how of the group to an even greater extent with the aim of creating plastics solutions which have so far been inconceivable. In this way, POLYTEC is moving into position in times of transformation.

With its New Mobility Product Line, POLYTEC focuses on future-related questions and completely new applications related to the topic of mobility. Moreover, during the proactive realisation of in-house product ideas, the group can turn to the innovativeness of its workforce and its vast range of material and processing know-how. With its portfolio for this Product Line, POLYTEC intends to open up entirely new market segments.

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POLYTEC combines its products in the non-automotive field under the umbrella of its Smart Plastic Applications Product Line. In this area, the group uses its self-perception as an agile development and production partner to the full by transferring its automotive know-how to a wide variety of different product worlds. Examples include new energy items such as functional and structural elements for the generation and storage of electricity and charging infrastructure. Moreover, the Smart Plastic Applications Product Line also develops and produces logistics boxes, medical technology parts, components for railway technology and many other products.

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Since January 2020, POLYTEC has been supplying a well-known European truck manufacturer with a large part of the cabin add-ons for its new models. Some 60 per cent of all the plastic outer skin modules for these vehicles come from POLYTEC production and the group also played a leading role in the development and optimisation of these components. In addition, POLYTEC is also intensively involved in the development of the new e-truck generation and with its concepts has quite literally been on board from the outset. Initial concrete projects are already under way and POLYTEC is producing the front and bumper modules, as well as other parts, for the Volvo FE and FL electric trucks. During production, various materials and technologies are combined and in this way truck parts are created that are not only light and stable, but also meet the highest demands with regard to optical appearance.


For a number of respected premium class vehicle manufacturers, POLYTEC produces painted and fully assembled car sets of the highest optical, haptic and functional quality. These consist first and foremost of front, side and rear components, which play a decisive role in creating the exclusive look of high-end vehicles. In addition, as a lightweight design specialist, POLYTEC has long worked intensively to address the question as to how the weight of vehicle parts can be reduced without any loss of their stability and safety level. This issue is especially important with regard to e-mobility owing to the simple formula that the lower the weight, the greater the range. For the Jaguar I-Pace e-sports car, POLYTEC is manufacturing the roof spoiler and sills, which have a minimum weight but are capable of withstanding very high mechanical loads.

Front Bumper

POLYTEC has acquired a special market status with regard to the manufacture of battery consoles and first and foremost in this connection, leads the way in the use of customised material combinations. POLYTEC’s battery housings are made from GMT and GMTex, which replace metal solutions and markedly reduce component weight. Furthermore, the use of plastic in production offers virtually unlimited design freedom. Above all, the engine compartment demands maximum precision and integrative design. This is because in the final analysis every inch of the space available under the bonnet must be used to optimum effect. This applies equally to both e-cars and vehicles with standard engines. POLYTEC’s multi-support, which is installed in the e-car of a German manufacturer, combines low weight with great strength and fulfils a vital, supportive role in the truest sense. As a result of their design and material mix, POLYTEC components can be used for a variety of purposes in vehicle powertrains. This functional integration concept is highly versatile. One example in this regard is the transmission oil pan that POLYTEC manufactures for a car with hybrid drive.


As a result of the lack of engine sounds, the focus in e-cars is on other noise sources, which require effective insulation. Polyurethane foam is a highly efficient material that can be employed for the production of noise-absorbent vehicle parts. POLYTEC is a pioneer in the processing of this material and uses it for the manufacturing of complex modules for both e-powered and conventionally driven vehicles, which include noise and vibration insulation parts for motors and auxiliary units.

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POLYTEC is currently developing an underbody for a German manufacturer of premium-class e-cars. A layer of D-LFT and two UD-tapes are compacted to form a single component under pressure of 4,300 tonnes. As a result, POLYTEC’s composite module will be ten kilograms lighter, less expensive to produce and offer better thermal characteristics than a comparable solution in aluminium.

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POLYTEC also exploits the major advantage that derives from its many years of experience in the production of complex components, which stand out due to the integration of different functions in a single component. Current development projects include structural components for e-vehicles such as innovative solutions for crash-resistant cross car beams and ultra- light front-end modules for the vehicle generations of tomorrow.

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