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Results for the first half year 2012
Results of the Group

Sales of POLYTEC GROUP in the first half 2012 attained with EUR 242.9 mill.,
adjusted by the effect from the disposal of the Interior Systems business, the
previous year's level. Compared with reported Group sales a decline of 40.1% was
The European automotive industry showed a solid development thanks to the
favorable performance of premium car manufacturers. In contrast, the commercial
vehicle segment reported a decline in sales of EUR 20.9 million in the period
under review compared to the first half of 2011. This decline in sales is due to
both a weak economic environment and the technology switch from SMC (Composites)
to injection molding resulting in a decline of follow-up orders. This drop in
sales was offset by the positive development of the automotive sector outlined
above and, in addition, by the favorable performance of the non-automotive
Group EBIT declined by 50.5% to EUR 14.4 million in the period under review
compared to the same period in the previous year.  This decline is largely
attributable to the deconsolidation gain of EUR 7.2 million and the contribution
of the divested Interior-Systems business of EUR 2.8 to group EBIT in the first
half of 2011. On a comparable basis, i.e. adjusted for these effects and for a
further deconsolidation gain of EUR 0.6 million resulting from the disposal of
the Zaragoza site at the beginning of 2012, Group EBIT declined by roughly EUR 5
million in the period under review. This corresponds to an EBIT margin adjusted
for one-off effects of 5.7% in the first half of 2012. 


With regard to the further course of business in 2012, the Manage-ment of
POLYTEC Holding expects a stable development. 
Provided that general framework conditions do not deteriorate further against
the backdrop of the European sovereign debt crisis, group sales and earnings in
the second half of 2012 are expected to match the level of the first half-year.
Thus, the outlook for full-year sales and earnings was revised downward compared
to the previously published forecast 2012. 

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