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POLYTEC HOLDING AG today announced the consolidated revenues for the POLYTEC GROUP year end 2006 as well as the order intake 2006 of the AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS DIVISION. Group sales 2006 increased by 4.5 % to EUR 525 million. Orders received by AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS DIVISION amounts to EUR 68 million.

With the exception of the COMPOSITES DIVISION all divisions of the POLYTEC GROUP increased their contribution to group sales significantly. The most important division of POLYTEC GROUP, the AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS DIVISION, increased sales by 4.8 % to EUR 378 million. The INDUSTRIAL DIVISION increased divisional sales by 17 % to EUR 19 million.

The order intake 2006 of the AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS DIVISION reflects a continuous positive development.
The division increased the order intake by 27 % to EUR 68 million (sales per year) compared with 2005. In particular to highlight is the high percentage of new orders – 56 %. This is a solid basis for the sales development starting 2008/2009. Within this period new orders will have their start of production (SOP).

The sales breakdown by customers reflects the clear focus of the AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS DIVISION as an accepted TIER 1 supplier by the European Automotive Industry. 99 % of the order intake 2006 will be produced as TIER 1 supplier.

The customer split expresses once more the clear focus of the AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS DIVISION within the European Automotive Industry. EUR 41 million of the order intake was received from the VW Group followed by EUR 12 million from the GM Group and EUR 10 million from the BMW Group.

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