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Results for the first quarter 2008

Sales of POLYTEC GROUP increased in the first quarter 2008 by 52.2% to EUR 203.9
mill.. The positive sales development was mainly driven by the sales
contribution of the new companies, acquired during the financial year 2007.
The increase of the EBITDA of POLYTEC GROUP by 27.3% to EUR 17.2 mill. is mainly
attributable to the new group structure after integration of POLYTEC Intex and
POLYTEC Composites Germany. The EBITDA equals an EBITDA margin of 8.4%.
The EBIT grew analogues to the development of the EBITDA. It increased by 15.7%
to EUR 10.5 mill..
The financial results of POLYTEC GROUP decreased, compared to previous years
period, from EUR -0.4 mill. to EUR -1.6 mill.. This effect was besides the
acquisitions of the 9.59 % stake in GRAMMER AG also attributable to the
revaluation of the foreign currency positions and of the derivative interest
rate contracts. The net income increased by 12.4% to EUR 6.2 mill.. This equals
earnings per share of EUR 0.28.

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