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AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS DIVISION (ASD) was awarded 2nd and 3rd place in this year’s Automotive Award “Parts & Components” (

This prize is awarded by the Society of Plastics Engineers, INC. Europe (SPE), which uses it to honour companies which have provided outstanding services in the field of plastics applications for the automobile and supply. This focuses on products from categories such as Body Interior, Body Exterior, Power Train and Electronic Parts.

2nd place won by ASD with the VW 2.0 l TDI engine cover. The improved oil removal performance is what sets this component apart. Both the response curve and the simple design of the associated oil separator are major developments in this field.

Engine Cover VW 2.0 l TDI
SOP: 3Q / 2005
Parts per Year: 75.000

The Volvo I5D P2 cylinder head cover won 3rd place in the Power Train category. This cylinder head cover has a fully integral intake manifold and associated switching flap module. Replacing the previous aluminium cover allows the plastic to combine the functions of cover and intake manifold in optimum fashion. The plastic construction also makes it possible to satisfy the cover’s oil leak tightness requirements and the burst strength of the intake manifold and the associated switching flap module rounds off the assembly as a whole.

Engine Cover Volvo I5D P2
SOP: 2Q / 2005
Parts per Year: 74.000

One of the aims of the POLYTEC GROUP is to become an indispensable partner in the development and production of innovative vehicle components, modules and systems. This award underlines and confirms our expertise yet again and also spurs us on to achieve similar successes with future projects.

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