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POLYTEC HOLDING purchased entire stock of Ratipur Kft., Komlo, Hungary

On 12 October 2016, POLYTEC HOLDING AG acquired the entire stock of Ratipur Kft., Komlo, Hungary. Prior to this transaction, within the framework of a long-term partnership, POLYTEC HOLDING AG already possessed a 24 per cent holding in Ratipur Kft., while the remaining 76 per cent were held mainly by the two Ratipur Kft. CEOs. In future, the company will operate under the name POLYTEC Komlo Kft.


This corporate acquisition is in line with POLYTEC strategy of consolidating the position in the European market and developing new technologies and applications.


First and foremost, the company will increase the depth of group value added. Ratipur’s technological competence with regard to polyurethane foam is and will be employed mainly for acoustic solutions in the engine bay and the production of top quality products in the vehicle individualisation area. Furthermore, owing to the company’s location in southern Hungary, POLYTEC will be able to use the competitive advantages derived from the Best-Cost-Country approach.


Ratipur Kft. (in future: POLYTEC Komlo Kft.) is not only positioned excellently from a cost perspective, but also disposes over capacity and expansion potential that will enable the POLYTEC GROUP to maintain its growth course. Nonetheless, the full promise of the company can only be brought to fruition through its full integration into the POLYTEC GROUP and this has been facilitated by the complete share purchase.


The acquired company has a workforce of around 200 and in the 2016 financial year is expected to achieve sales revenues of around EUR 7.5 million and EBIT of some EUR 0.8 million. From a POLYTEC GROUP viewpoint roughly 30 per cent of the topline figure relate to internal sales.


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