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Nomination as series supplier for the Common Rail Generation by Volkswagen

The POLYTEC GROUP is one of the top ten suppliers for the new Volkswagen TDI generation of engines fitted with “Common Rail Technology“. Volkswagen has appointed the POLYTEC GROUP to develop the new Common Rail cylinder head covers on account of its highly flexible approach and comprehensive technical concepts. The planned order value amounts to EUR 19.5 million per year from the commencement of production.

It was Polytec Group’s wide range of experience with cylinder head covers, in particular in the integration of high performance oil mist separators as well as the ability to manufacture these cylinder head covers economically which were the crucial points in Volkswagen’s decision to appoint the Polytec Group.

POLYTEC GROUP was awarded a development and production contract for the following:

Cylinder head cover 2.0 Common Rail
- Quantity : 690,000 p. a.
- SOP : August 2007

Cylinder head cover 1.6 L Common Rail
- Quantity : 500,000 p. a.
- SOP : August 2008

Fan belt cover / Lower section 2.0 / 1.6 TDI Common Rail
- Quantity : 1.6 mill p. a.
- SOP : August 2007

The individual parts are manufactured by injection moulding and are assembled in production islands with integrated assembly lines and welding plant. They leave production as modules ready for fitting once they have been successfully subjected to a 100% seal and function test. The cylinder head covers are manufactured in the Lohne (Germany).

The strengths of the AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS DIVISION are quite clearly in development skills and development capacity. This is also confirmed by the registered patents and the award received recently for the cylinder head covers for the VW Transporter and Sharan. These cylinder head covers were awarded the SPE Award 2006.

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