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POLYTEC HOLDING AG to purchase the entire stock of POLYTEC Immobilien Holding GmbH from Huemer Holding GmbH

The preliminary turnover and result figures for the 2014 financial year confirm POLYTEC GROUP market guidance

With its resolution of today, the POLYTEC HOLDING AG Supervisory Board approved the purchase of the POLYTEC real estate portfolio from the Huemer Group.

POLYTEC Immobilien Holding GmbH is a real estate investment holding with both domestic and international subsidiaries. For historical reasons, these companies own important POLYTEC GROUP properties at twelve different locations in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Slovakia.

Including the assumed debts, the transaction has a value of around EUR 84 million and lies on the lower edge of a value range established by a respected, internationally active auditing company in the course of a fairness opinion. The anticipated contribution to results from the purchase of the real estate portfolio totals roughly EUR 8 million p.a. on an EBITDA basis and around EUR 5 million p.a. on an EBIT basis.

The unaudited turnover and result figures for the 2014 financial year point to a slight increase in POLYTEC GROUP turnover during the past year to approximately EUR 491 million. This amount contains a contribution to turnover of the two locations in the Netherlands, which were purchased at the end of November 2014 of about EUR 9 million. Preliminary EBITDA amounts to roughly EUR 36 million and preliminary EBIT to some EUR 20 million.

The annual financial statements for the 2014 financial year will be published on Thursday, 26 March 2015.

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