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Nominated Series Supplier for the VW POLO Headliner

The POLYTEC GROUP has been nominated series supplier for the headliner for the new VW POLO. The order volume amounts to €6 million p.a. The headliner will be produced in the version for normal roofs and panorama glass roofs from 2008 at the company's production site in Zaragoza, Spain.

The headliner is produced in the so-called Pro Pond procedure, which is a patented procedure of the POLYTEC GROUP. The POLYTEC GROUP is a competent development and production partner for Volkswagen.

The entire value adding chain can be depicted within the Automotive Systems Division. Hans Georg Eichenberg, Managing Director Sales on the strengths of the Automotive Systems Division: "Product development through to prototype production and development until ready for series production is all carried out here in our company. In this way, we can integrate production-relevant criteria already during the development phase, so that at this early stage in the proceedings we can influence cycle times and processes to come to a competitive pricing strategy."

Following the order for engine compartment parts for Volkswagen's Common Rail engines already received this September with annual turnover of €19.5 million, with this new order Volkswagen once again underlines the innovative powers and trustworthiness of the POLYTEC GROUP as a reliable development and production partner.

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