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Diversity and Promotion of Women

The POLYTEC GROUP operates 28 plants in twelve countries and employs a workforce of around 4,500. As a result of this internationality, diversity, respect, equality of opportunity and the integration of employees from differing cultures represent integral elements within corporate culture. Any form of personal discrimination whether due to origin, gender, skin colour, age, religion, sexual orientation or handicap is strictly rejected.


Viewed from a gender perspective, the composition of POLYTEC HOLDING AG’s governing bodies such as the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board is as follows: One in five Supervisory Board positions is held by a woman, which corresponds to a proportion of 20%. No woman serves on the four-member Board of Directors.

On 31 December 2017, the quota of female employees in the POLYTEC GROUP (excluding leasing personnel) amounted to 20.4%, which was slightly higher than on the balance sheet date of the previous year (20.3%). The workforce in the automotive supply industry is still predominately male, as this sector is primarily oriented towards technology. On the 2017 balance sheet date, women held an unchanged total of around 13% of executive managerial posts at the POLYTEC GROUP's companies.
On the 2017 balance sheet date, the quota of women in the holding company amounted to around 45% (2016: 50%). In the Finance and Accounting, Sales and Marketing as well as in the Legal departments, women currently hold clerical, middle and top management positions.
During recruitment for vacant positions, a focus is placed on performance orientation, knowledge, skills, equal opportunity and treatment. Candidates are selected primarily on the basis of the qualifications and experience they can contribute to the POLYTEC GROUP.

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