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    “For me, leadership is not merely the delegation of tasks. I am far more concerned with looking after my employees in a proactive manner and pursuing objectives with them. When we achieve these targets, then I know that I have acted correctly.”

Feramuz Topkaya heads the paint shop at the POLYTEC plant in Gochsheim, Germany.

I set and communicate ambitious but attainable targets for both my employees and myself.
Goals represent agreements for the future and provide you and your team with the necessary orientation. Agree on objectives and never lose sight of them!

I provide my employees with daily feedback.
The provision of feedback is not time consuming and is vital in order that the jointly agreed targets are achieved. Management without feedback does not function!

I also accept feedback and am self-critical.
Take the comments of your employees seriously. The expectation that they accept a degree of criticism must also apply equally to you. Learn from the feedback from your team!

I accept mistakes when these lead to learning.
Only those that take decisions can make mistakes. Accept errors on the part of your employees, but work with them on the resultant findings!

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