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       “I am proud when my employees grow into their tasks. Therefore, I also entrust them with projects that present new challenges. We all thus develop further in the interests of the company.”

Ralph Amory, the Plant Manager at our location
in Putte, Netherlands.

I support my employees in their development, as this is the only way that I can also be successful.
Be proud of participating in the development of future high achievers. You will become a multiplicator and thus considerably raise your success quota!

I entrust my employees with demanding assignments.
Allow your employees to literally “grow with their tasks” and provide them with the necessary trust. This is not always easy, but as a leader it is something that you must be capable of achieving!

I systematically demand the fulfilment of the agreed targets and discipline.
At the same time, it is your right and obligation to deal with deviations from objectives. Demand the necessary discipline, as this is the sole means by which you and your team can live up to expectations!

I do not accept reverse delegation.
Your employees must find solutions independently and then implement them. Communicate their tasks clearly and place the related responsibility on their shoulders!

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