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          “By taking initiative and making quick decisions daily, I am able to shape the future of our company, and this spurs me on to do even more improvements. This passion is the driving force that lead us to innovation and success.”

Nick Munster is the CEO at our location in Bromyard, UK.

I make decisions.
Even the decisions that you do not take have an effect on corporate success. Be permanently aware of this fact!

I use my own initiative and expect the same from my employees.
Take autonomous decisions and require the same type of initiative from your employees. Provide them with the necessary space for this purpose and define the objective, but not the way!

I create room for innovation.
Allow your employees to actively participate and shift limits. Question the status quo, and at the same time, demand solutions. Changes enable both you and POLYTEC to progress!

I behave in exactly the manner that I expect from my employees.
Your employees immediately perceive any contradictions between the conduct that you require and that which you demonstrate. Set an example in every situation!

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