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Operations Management

As Plant Manager you are responsible for the creation as well as for the operational processes, the quality assurance and the employee manager of a works. Through this diversified task, with responsibility and creative leeway, you will contribute a sustainable contribution to the success of the company group.


  • Collective responsibility management of a work
  • Safekeeping of the productivity, quality and delivery reliability
  • Implementation and guidance of quality optimisation processes on the product in the finishing process
  • Implementation and development of lean-management-methods, KPIs and industrial engineering
  • Planning and responsibility for the budget and the investments
  • Organisation of the personnel planning as well as management and further development of the employees
  • Guaranteeing the adherence to all regulation with regard to work security, plant security maintaining value as well as environment protection



As Productions Manager you are responsible for the management and processing of the entire production processes. You look after the organisation and coordination in order to guarantee a trouble-free production process as well as the corresponding quality and quantity.


  • Optimisation of all production processes and increasing efficiency by mans of PPS (POLYTEC performance system)
  • Securing an efficient as well as timely and of a high quality standard production
  • Preparation and use of code numbers to manage the processes
  • Management and continuous qualification of the employees in the course of setting tasks and the targets
  • Implementation of security and environmental protection regulations
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