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Tips for Applicants
Your application documents constitute your initial contact with POLYTEC as your potential employer. Therefore, it is extremely important that you create a good and authentic, initial impression. Above all, please note the following three points when preparing your documentation: 






Your application should contain a motivational letter, your curriculum vitae (CV), as well as all relevant certificates and attests. Please also include information regarding the earliest date upon which you could join the company and as an option, your salary expectations.



Not only must the spelling and grammar of your application be error-free, but you should also ensure that the stated data (e.g. in the CV) is correct.



The structure of your application should be clear and logical. Important questions such as “Why are you interested in this position?” “What are your expectations?” and “Why are you suited to this post?” should be answered. Your CV should be in tabular form and reverse chronological order.





As a rule, the job interview begins with a short introductory statement on your part, which is followed by questions concerning your CV. We will then provide you with information regarding the position in question and our company. During the conversation our aim is to discover if your abilities and interests suit both the requirement profile and POLYTEC. 
    Interview tips:

- Arrive on time (at least five minutes before the beginning of the  appointment).
- Bring all your application documentation with you.
- Prepare written questions regarding POLYTEC and the post on offer.
- Your clothing and conduct should correspond with the occasion.
- Switch off your mobile entirely (not only to vibration alarm). 

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