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Technical Apprenticeship

Metal technology


You are not only creative in the mind, but also good with your hands at the same time? Then you should look at the training to become a qualified metal technician more closely. Here your ideas become reality. And the best thing is that you can work with machines that simplify the task.




Nowadays mechanics and electronics go hand in hand! Mechatronics first learn the material science of the materials to be worked on. Afterwards they learn the fascinating area of electronics. At the end of this training you can construct mechatronic components as well as complete equipment and machines on basis of technical drawings.



Tool mechanics


You are not only good at managing tools, but also fascinated by the many ideas that stand behind them? Drills, hammers and rotary cutters are music to your ears? Then you are the right person for training to be a tool mechanic! For here is your job, to finish tools of all kinds for the industrial series production.



System mechanic

You have a perfectionist streak and happily get to the bottom of things? As a system mechanic you can accompany our innovations during their impressive journey from the raw material up to the finished product. Our system mechanics are specialist in the processing of synthetics and are responsible for the high quality of the parts produced.


Synthetics technology

To start with ... the synthetics! Without you nothing works, if you work as a synthetics technologist at POLYTEC. You learn how to create the synthetics independently and prepare them for the manufacture. You work precisely and have no shyness of technical terms and foreign words?
Then apply for a training course in synthetics technology.


Warehouse logistics


Are you on the move and check at home that everything is in its right place? With training in warehouse logistics you will move your talent for organisation to a new level. Our warehouse logistics staff are responsible for storing all our products correctly and securely, so that when required they can be quickly collected, packed and transported.

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