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Application Process


How does the application process function at POLYTEC?

Via our job portal you can directly access your desired position and then complete a quick and simple, online application using the POLYTEC career portal. Even if a suitable vacancy is currently unavailable, we would nonetheless be pleased to receive your initiative application. Whatever the case, we will confirm the receipt of your documentation by e-mail.

The responsible contact partner examines every application most carefully and compares them with the requirements of the respective position.

Therefore, following an initial analysis of your application, if required we carry out a telephone interview in order to clarify any outstanding points and questions.

In a further step, a personal interview is subsequently held at one of our locations. 

How long does the application process take at POLYTEC?


The length of the decision-making process depends very greatly upon the respective position. However, we guarantee to provide you with a reliable flow of information concerning progress.  You may also get in touch with your contact partner via e-mail or telephone in order to ascertain the status of the application process.    

What happens to my personal data?

All the data provided to us, as well as the information emanating from an application discussion, are treated as strictly confidential and are naturally not passed on to third parties.  For us, the security of your data is a matter of special concern.

Who is my discussion partner?

The name of your personal contact partner can be found in the respective job advertisement. 


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