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Apprentice Mechatronics

Michelle Stellmacher

Apprentice Mechatronics course
, Hörsching location (Austria)

Which apprenticeship did you choose and why?
I opted for an apprenticeship in mechatronics because I am interested in technology and fascinated by the combination of mechanics and electrical engineering.

What do you like most about your training at POLYTEC?
I appreciate my flexible working hours and the varied activities. I feel very happy in my surroundings, as there is a good company and working climate. In addition, I have an opportunity to educate myself further through courses.

What do you like less about your apprenticeship?
The fluctuating workload sometimes makes it very difficult to plan your day. It would be nice if the extremely busy and less busy phases could be better balanced.

What do you still wish to achieve professionally?

I am constantly interested in expanding my knowledge and do not wish to lose my sense of working enjoyment.

What do you like about POLYTEC as an employer...
the company’s economic stability and my opportunities for further training.

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