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Head of Development & Project Management

Mario Schuh

Head of Development & Project Management

, Hörsching location (Austria)

When did you join POLYTEC and in what function?
I first came into contact with POLYTEC during holiday jobs as a draughtsman in 1998 and then from 1999 to 2002 as a CAD designer. I joined the company officially as a technical buyer in 2003.

How has your career in the company progressed to date and what is your current assignment area?
Following the rejection of an initiative application as a Junior Project Manager in 2003, I was offered the post of a technical buyer. In this role, I was able to obtain valuable experience with regard to dealings with suppliers and tactical negotiating skills. In 2006, I accepted a move to Project Management and had my initial successes with our Asian clients. During my development into a Project Manager and Project Management Team Leader, I was in charge of a number of differing customer projects and those from Aston Martin and SEAT numbered among my most valuable experiences during this period. At the beginning of 2013, the executive management entrusted me with Project Management and CAD Development, which represented my initial assignment in the management team of the time and the first occasion on which I was involved in direct personnel leadership. At the beginning of 2015, two colleagues and I were allocated the management of the Hörsching plant, since when as the Head of Engineering & Project Management I have been responsible for the Project Management, Calculation, Product Development, Component Design, Toolmaking and Application Technology Departments.

How has POLYTEC supported your development?
POLYTEC has continually motivated me with increasingly demanding assignments and challenges. I have received support through the confidence shown in my person.

What degree of flexibility is required of you?
As a project manager one must always react flexibly to the various demands of our customers. In my new position as the Head of Development, I regard flexibility as a matter of course.

What objectives are you still pursuing?
The management of the Hörsching plant with my two colleagues presents me with a major challenge. We can learn a great deal from one another in the management team and I also hope that I will be able to further extend my knowledge and abilities through the direct leadership of the POLYTEC GROUP Board. I am keeping all my options for the future open. I would very much like to manage a POLYTEC GROUP company on my own responsibility.

To what limitations is your job subject?
Unfortunately in the leisure time area, although I also see my professional activities relating to travel and cars as hobbies.

What do you like about POLYTEC as an employer...
...above all, the trust placed in young, motivated and dynamic employees. The constant progress and expansion achieved with regard to our portfolio continually presents us with fresh challenges and I am delighted to have an excellent team in the background, which I enjoy motivating and leading.

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