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Head of Supplier Management

Kevin Crabb
Head of Supplier Management, Lohne location (Germany)

When did you join POLYTEC and in what function?
I joined the company as a worker on August 14th 1995.

How has your career in the company progressed to date and what is your current assignment area?
After only a short time, I was trained as an equipment fitter. Then in 2001 I retrained as a process mechanic for plastics and rubber engineering, and afterwards was employed as a fitter in this area. In May 2007, I became a customer advisor in the quality assurance area and since March 2012 have been the Deputy Quality Manager at the Lohne plant. I was appointed as the Head of Supplier Management for the entire PLASTICS Business Unit in May 2012.  

How has POLYTEC supported your development?
Through the confidence demonstrated in my abilities and a large number of schooling and training courses and seminars.

What degree of flexibility is required of you?

A very high degree owing to the need to be ready to travel and the level of availability that is demanded.
What objectives are you still pursuing?
Continual further personal development and greater responsibility within the POLYTEC GROUP.

To what limitations is your job subject?

A virtually constantly packed suitcase is a prerequisite in view of the range of international customers and suppliers.

What do you like about POLYTEC as an employer...

…the chance to constantly develop within the company, which means that everyone can
achieve their personal goals.

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