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Lean Manager

Jan-Hendrik Wiegmann

Lean Manager, Lohne location (Germany)

When did you join POLYTEC and in what function?
I have been at POLYTEC since August 1st 2001. I started with a dual course of studies as an industrial engineer.

How has your career in the company progressed to date and what is your current assignment area?
Following the completion of my degree, I was employed as a controller. However, after more than four years of commercial activities, I wished to pursue my technical interests and switched to launch management. Then, after another four years, I received an offer to move to lean management. In this field, I am responsible for the four PLASTICS locations on an inter-plant basis in a central function. In the case of important acquisition projects as well as all new contracts, I support the project teams during the layout of the production processes with the aid of value stream analyses and designs.

How has POLYTEC supported your development?
On the one hand, through the possibility offered to me internally to progress in interdepartmental functions and on the other, through related and carefully selected training courses, which have assisted me during the initial phases in my respective, new assignments.
What degree of flexibility is required of you?
As I work on an inter-plant basis and look after projects at four different locations, I frequently have to undertake business travel, partly at very short notice. In addition, my work also requires a great deal of mental flexibility as I have to quickly familiarise myself with various projects, assignments and problems.

To what limitations is your job subject?
Owing to the willingness to travel that my job requires, I must come to terms with the fact that I will not be at home every evening. In addition, a constant readiness to pursue further personal development is essential, in order to be constantly up to speed with the various topic areas.
What do you like about POLYTEC as an employer...
 …the confidence shown me, which I need to be able to develop freely.

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