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Product Development Team Leader

Christoph Mitterhauser

Product Development Team Leader, Hörsching location (Austria)


When did you join POLYTEC and in what function?
I started in February 2005 as a design engineer.

How has your career in the company progressed to date and what is your current assignment area? 
In 2008, I assumed the leadership of a design team for the major projects of our client Ford. Then in 2014, I moved to injection moulding product development. In March 2015, I was appointed as the team leader for foaming and injection moulding product development. This post also involves a range of intercompany tasks.

How has POLYTEC supported your development?
Mainly through the excellent cooperation with the colleagues in the development area and the provision of know-how by experienced workmates. In addition, there have been appropriate opportunities for me to challenge myself through fresh assignments and thus develop further.

What objectives are you still pursuing?
I want to push product development forwards and produce worthwhile work. I operate according to the motto: “Trust in the proven and be open for the new.”

To what limitations is your job subject?
Client requirements and procedures are not always entirely comprehensible.

What do you like about POLYTEC as an employer... field of work, my colleagues and the chance to work for a respected automotive sub-supplier “on my doorstep”.

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