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Development Opportunities

POLYTEC managers see themselves as role models and will support you in the course of your personal development. During the annual employee feedback meeting you will discuss the past year with your superior and at the same time consider the future. You will then jointly decide which measures are best suited to assisting you in your continuing career at POLYTEC.

On the basis of the results from the employee feedback, our managers will naturally also work with you on your further development.

The objective of the Human Resources Department is to find the best person for every job and the best job for every person in the group. Both our employees, and we as employers, benefit from this philosophy.


Employee Days


During our Employee Days, salaried staff from the administrative areas can experience the production process at first hand, roll up their sleeves and get cracking. POLYTEC personnel use this unique opportunity to work for a complete shift in production and thereby literally lend a hand with the assembly and packaging of the familiar components.

In this way we achieve a higher estimation of the finished products and greater transparency with regard to internal process procedures in line with our lean management requirements.





POLYTEC Leadership Academy


In order to create awareness for the important, yet sensitive topic of leadership POLYTEC founded the Leadership Acedemy.

The newly developed POLYTEC Leadership Principles should help to create a consistent understanding of what leadership means within the POLYTEC GROUP. During the POLYTEC Leadership Academy those leadership principles play a superior role and navigate our managers through their everyday work.


Apart from the long-established POLYTEC LEADERSHIP ACADEMY (PLA), which specialises in managerial principles and their implementation, following a 12-month preparation period, the group has initiated the P3 POLYPERSPECTIVE PROGRAMME. P3 creates perspectives for employees, who are willing to accept challenges, are seeking managerial responsibility and wish to achieve planned progress.


In cooperation with LIMAK, Austria's longest-standing business school, POLYTEC is now offering customised general management training. Leading experts from science and business are to serve as trainers and coaches in the P3 POLYPERSPECTIVE PROGRAMME with the aim of providing the attendees with multifaceted business expertise, which in the long-term will enable them to successfully occupy positions within POLYTEC's top management.





External basic and further training

As managerial posts at POLYTEC are filled largely from internal personnel resources, the qualification of the workforce is of decisive importance. In this area we cooperate with all types of respected further training bodies with the aim of to preparing our employees for their next steps up the POLYTEC career ladder.

During the employee advancement process, we focus on the individual talents and abilities of our personnel. You will find some examples of careers at POLYTEC below experience reports.





PPS Academy

The POLYTEC Performance System (PPS) is a holistic lean management programme for the entire POLYTEC GROUP. It improves our daily working activities in a sustainable and long-term manner and lives from the involvement of the entire workforce. Our aim is to create value added by means of simplicity and efficiency in every phase and aspect of our work.

Within the framework of our PPS Academy, POLYTEC personnel receive instruction in the lean management disciplines of relevance to their assignment areas.

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