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Major Holdings

A person crossing a relevant threshold by holding shares, financial instruments or other similar instruments related to an issuer shall make a major holdings notification. (according to Sec. 91 para. 1 Austrian Stock Exchange Act - BörseG).


The person subject to notification shall submit the major holdings notification to the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), the issuer and the Vienna Stock Exchange promptly, but not later than two trading days after the threshold was crossed.


Please use the FMA online web standard form (see example) and pay attention to the instructions as well as the footnotes in the web standard form.


After online submission of the web standard form to the FMA the person subject to notification will receive the notification as a Word document via E-Mail (a separate download of the notification is available after submission as well). Subsequently, the person subject to notification shall submit that notification to the issuer and to the Vienna Stock Exchange. The E-Mail address of POLYTEC HOLDING AG Compliance: compliance(at)polytec-group.com


Upon receipt of the notification, but no later than two trading days thereafter, the issuer shall make public all the information contained in the major holdings notification (Sec. 93 para. 2 Austrian Stock Exchange Act - BörseG). 

Announcement according to art. 93 section 2 Austrian Stock Exchange Act (BörseG)
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