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        “Trust is one of the most important elements in dealings with my employees. I value the diversity in my team and allot time to each of its individual members.”

Helen Esders is responsible for engine bay product development at Lohne in Germany.

I lead every employee within an individual and situational context.
Value the singularity and diversity of the personalities in your team. Every employee and situation demands a differentiated approach from you as a leader!

I listen to my employees and create confidence.
The offer of trust is like a gift that you bestow upon your employees. However, in return you will also be rewarded by commitment, loyalty and performance!

I take time for my leading assignments.
As a leader, you must be aware that employee leadership cannot be undertaken in passing and is far more than just delegation. Consciously invest time in team management!

I give my employees orientation, advice and support.
You must give your employees direction. Therefore, be visible as a leader and constantly prepared to hear what your team members have to say!

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