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Area Manager Production

Mustafa Güngör

Area Manager Production, Hörsching location (Austria)

When did you join POLYTEC and in what function?

I started work at the company in 1985 in the foaming shop.


How has your career in the company progressed to date and what is your current assignment area?

Having started work in the foaming shop, just a year later I became the shift foreman and in 1989 was promoted to shop supervisor. The chance to head a complete department followed in 1995. At present, as the Production Area Manager I am responsible for the punctual manufacture of the foamed parts, employee management, detailed planning and capacity scheduling in my area.


How has POLYTEC supported your development?

Through the support shown and the trust in my abilities demonstrated by various managers.


What degree of flexibility is required of you?

Total flexibility is needed for this assignment.


What objectives are you still pursuing?

100 per cent punctuality, no work accidents, 100 per cent productivity and 0.1 per cent rejects. In addition, I am continually working on process improvements, work place design according to the “5S” criteria and the expansion of the “POLYTEC Performance System” within the entire department. I enjoy using my abilities and know-how in interdepartmental projects.


To what limitations is your job subject?

High levels of operational readiness and no fixed working hours due to the responsible position as an Area Manager.


What do you like about POLYTEC as an employer...

...my talented colleagues and the opportunities for further training. 

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