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POLYTEC CAR STYLING is Europe’s leading manufacturer of original accessories, small series parts and systems for the automotive world.

In cooperation with the automotive industry we design, develop and produce car styling serial and original accessory parts made from plastic and metal at five locations in Austria, the UK, Belgium, Canada and the USA.

As an innovative think-tank, the business unit establishes benchmarks and constitutes a strong partner for the individualisation of vehicle designs. The highest levels of technical competence and the creative potential of its workforce have made POLYTEC CAR STYLING a successful global player.


General Terms and conditions of purchase for POLYTEC CAR STYLING Hörsching GmbH


General purchase conditions for machines and plants


At POLYTEC environmental goals have the same priority as economic goals. The idea of sustainability and resource conservation is therefore an integral part of all our current and future activities and decisions.

Consistent adherence to the law and an open dialogue with customers, suppliers, authorities and the public is a matter of course for us.

We're always working on further improving our performance in the area of energy and material efficiency and on reducing respectively avoiding environmental impacts through the use of economically viable technologies.

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